Test drive our Content Management System (CMS)

The technical approach used for the majority of our websites is one of allowing Staff Members to easily add/edit/delete content. This approach easily allows any user that has limited or no HTML experience to alter content displayed to the public. In addition, we build sites that are scalable enough to allow for future categories and additional content that may become necessary to display.

This approach centers on the use of a database. When the database is updated, the web site is updated. Dedicated office staff will simply enter data into a form. Once satisfied with the information entered, they can then press submit. This will update the database thereby updating the website. No html experience is required although can be used if the knowledge exists.

The administrator can easily create a new page by selecting which template it should appear within and what category the page should be placed in.

The user will simply enter desired text into the online HTML editor (WYSIWYG) and then press submit, edited content will be automatically updated on the web page. The editor looks like the following and actually works and functions as MS Word.

Some functionality such as ability to upload documents is not operational for this demo. Have fun.

CMS Form
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