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Web Hosting Services

What do you get when you take a bunch of powerful and energy efficient blade servers, a big ol’ SAN, Hyper-V virtualization, Windows 2008 R2, SQL? A bigger, badder, greener, fast web site, of course.


Our 5-Step Program was created with one primary goal in mind:
your success.
  1. Investigation - 906 conducts an in-depth analysis of your core business procedures — and immediate and long-term goals — interacting with your company’s key decision-makers and employees. When appropriate, we also do qualitative research among your customers and prospects.

    After this investigation is completed, we develop a strategic plan of action, including a budget, a detailed scope of work and timeline, and guidelines for assessing the success of the Web initiative.

  2. Analysis - We outline how exactly your website is going to "work” namely, how your different department will be aligned and integrated via the Web; how ordering, shipping and customer service will work together — and how your site needs to be constructed to facilitate this alignment.

    We also look at various marketing and operational issues: How will you generate traffic to your site? Who will use it and how? How will you identify and differentiate your customers? How will you interact and customize relationships with individual customers and suppliers?

    906 helps you determine the best ways to address these issues — through the planning of your site architecture, design and marketing.

  3. Structure and Design - In this phase, we proceed with the actual site architecture and design, content development (copywriting and visual development), and back-end technology. We create a working model of the deliverable, ready for usability testing and refinement.

  4. Implementation - We construct the final product and then do quality assurance testing to ensure that everything is functioning properly. We also work with you to make sure that everyone on your team knows how to manage and maintain it.

  5. Measurement - After launch, 906 monitors and analyzes how the solution is performing against success criteria defined in the "investigation” phase. We also complete the documentation of the project and present our thoughts on how to approach the next generation of the solution.

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