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California State Dive Team

California State Parks and Recreations Dive Team

California State Dive team is a California State Agency responsible for training the California State Dive Team. Each member is required to meet a minimum number of dives per year to maintain eligibility. In addition, if State issued dive equipment was used for a dive, a log of usage for each piece of equipment had to be recorder. Without this data it would be difficult for the agency to remain a State funded agency.

When a Dive Team Member underwent training, they were supposed to notify the executive committee of their training. Complying with this requirement was very difficult if not impossible. It was always a last minute rush to fax or mail in dive training. When it finally arrived for recording, it was filed away in a folder in a file cabinet. Generating reports for State controllers was a time consuming process and at times potentially innacurate.

In addition, it was very difficult to communicate with all team members. Members were located throughout the State and were employed by many different agencies.

It was imperative to the success of this program that they had a system that managed training and provided a way to better communicate with each member.

We built them an online application where each member would enter dive training and any other information about the dive. After each dive, a member would log into the system, and enter the information about the dive. If it was State issued dive equipment, they would enter that information as well.

We also built them a message board where Dive Team members could easily communicate with each other. In addition a newsletter system was created so that the executive committee could keep members up to date on the latest information about the Dive Team.

As a result of this system, the entire operations have been stream-lined, records are more accurate and dive members have become more responsible for their status as a dive team member. In addition, State controllers are now able to view real-time information about the dive program with a couple clicks of the mouse.

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