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Employee Training Tracking System (ETMS)

California Department of Parks and Recreactions: ETMS
Training Tracking Software

California State Parks is proud of its reputation for training excellence, and is looked upon as a leader in park management, interpretation, maintenance, and law enforcement training. With 4000 plus employees managing employee training records was a cumbersome task. Peace Officer Training was especially problematic in that they had to conform to Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) requirements. For the success of the department, it was imperative that they had a system that managed all aspects of employee training.

Each year the Department had to distribute training records to each employee as well as calculate when an employee would be out of compliance. Since all training requests and records were submitted via a paper process, managing the data and entering the data into a central data warehouse was difficult especially as the department continues to add employees. Each training record had to be manually inputted.

The paper process was also especially difficult for the department because many of its employees did not see their managers or did not report to a main office on a daily basis. Training requests were routinely lost or never processed in a timely manner.

Another major concern was that many of the department's employees had Internet connections that were not broadband or had outdated computer equipment. Therefore, the solution had to allow for employees with low bandwidth connections as well as browsers that were not updated to the latest versions and on may browser types and operating systems.

Many of the users of ETMS were Peace Officers that must remain compliant with P.O.S.T. requirements. This type of training was different then all other employees in respect to how this training is managed. We were able to help all Peace Officers manage their these requirements easily and effectively

We developed a secure online application allowing multi-user input of data where each employee could access their training records and request training within two clicks of their mouse.

The solution works on all major browsers and all types of operating systems. In addition, the page load times are minimal so employees can perform their functions in the ETMS quickly and easily.

Managers and other executive positions within the department are now able to view training compliance for all employees. They no longer need to requests reports to be mailed to them. They now have real-time reports.

Peace officers are now easily able to manage their training requirements as they pertain to P.O.S.T.. Managers and other executives are able to view employee compliance easily and accurately.

Paperwork has been eliminated, and employees now know what they need to remain in compliant as well as what training they should take for upward career mobility. In addition, an employee and their immediate supervisor will be notified within 60 days if they will be out of compliance in training.

The entire system is self maintained. Administrative staff has the ability to mange all aspects of the application. They can add/edit/delete training, add training requirements for employee classifications and manage training records.

The following are a few examples of the interface as well as a preview of how easy it is to use the system.

See some of the features in action:

  1. Sign up for training
  2. View training records
  3. Manager viewing employees training records
  4. Available Standard reports
  5. Managing training requests


For an in depth explanation of all features in the ETMS, click here to view the ETMS Help Files

For more information, contact us.

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