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US Ocean Safety

Us Ocean Safety is a private company that supplies Lifeguard services for the County of Orange California beaches Lifeguard. They have over 100 employees designated as part time and full time. They are constantly concerned about maintaining employee morale, scheduling and reducing administrative functions. Maintaining this constant communication via paper and the traditional phone system increased the administrative costs and reduced their quality of service of their day-to-day business of saving lives on the Orange County beaches.

The main problems that they had were communication with their employees year round, paperwork and office administration required for proper communication between employees and management.

The result is that they have completely gone paperless; all employees are able to check their work schedule and update their contact information. They even have a calendar of events for the company while employees are able to keep track of their daily activities over the Internet. In addition, all functionalities of this web site can be done over a cell phone, pda or of course over a web browser.

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